Our Services

We Simplify Product Sourcing, Vendor Management and IT Solutions!

  • Sourcing Products and Services

    We source your required products & services by identifying the best vendors & service providers which can meet specifications, quality standards and price points.

  • Vendor Identification and Selection

    We assist you in selecting manufacturers & service providers based on their capabilities, performance, work history, quality standards, regulatory compliances and their ability to meet your price points, production & delivery requirements.

  • Vendor Management

    Our vendor management services include acquiring & comparing quotations, negotiating pricing, facilitating sample development & product approvals, monitoring production & inspections, facilitating / processing export orders & shipments on your behalf.

  • Acquiring & Comparing Quotations

    We will assist you in acquiring, comparing & assessing competitive quotes from relevant vendors and ensure that you receive the best possible purchasing prices without compromising on product quality and specifications.

  • Contract Negotiations & Documentation

    We assist you in negotiating best possible terms of contract towards ensuring that your interest are safeguarded as well as that of the vendor.We also assist in finalising documentation requirements for processing of export orders and shipments.

  • Product Development & Sampling

    We will work with vendors to ensure that the sampling process and prototype development meet required specifications and timelines to optimize the manufacturing process.

  • Production Mgmt & Quality Control

    We will work closely with the manufacturers & service providers towards monitoring the production process to ensure that required specifications, quality standards, regulatory compliances and delivery timelines are met. We will also facilitate inspections as required including engaging third party experts.

  • Transportation & Shipments

    We will work with vendors and shipping agents towards ensuring that the shipment process is smooth and without disruptions.

  • IT Solutions

    Bespoke & affordable software, web & mobile application development.

  • Digital Marketing

    Efficient and productive SEO, SEM and SMM services.

About Us

Source Gridd is an India based provider of Product Sourcing, Vendor Management and IT Solutions with an aim towards providing efficient, transparent, secure and competitive services. Spearheaded by

Sakkun Tickoo

who has over 15 years of international work experience in diverse fields including digital marketing, manufacturing, exports and international trade, we work closely with you to understand and evaluate your requirements, provide apt solutions and help you meet your procurement and supply chain requirements.

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